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Motivation and inspiration during drill design masterclass 2017

75 Instructional designers gathered on the 2nd of February in Utrecht for the masterclass on the art of instructional drill design. In a very interactive and engaging way, customers of Drillster exchanged information on best practices and lessons learnt.

The Masterclass started with a keynote of Jaap Stockmann who was the keeper of the Dutch field hockey team in 120 international competitions including three Olympic Games. Maintaining skills for over 11 years is as hard for a top sportsman as it is for an employee that participates in a permanent education program.

Preparing for a top sports performance means practice-practice-practice till a skill is burnt into memory. The same applies for the critical job tasks that employees need to perform. Through spaced repetition of the learning material, the learner will have the required knowledge and skills to perform.

Other themes that were discussed during the masterclass included the application of drills during the 5 learning moments. The instructional drill design differs if the target group learns something for the first time, when they expand their knowledge or when they apply it.

Tips and tricks were exchanged when Ischa Bernhard presented the 10 drill design principles. These principles ensure that a drill is of a high instructional design quality. Drills are often part of a blended learning program. The drill production framework was presented as a useful tool to synchronize the drill with the other learning objectives of the blended training.

How do you keep your students or employees motivated when a drill is used in a learning program that runs several years? The customers of Drillster gave useful input on the organizational and instructional design challenges of courses that run multiple years.

The masterclass instructional drill design is part of the Certified by Drillster program. This program provides the Drillster users a platform to exchange experiences and ideas. The 1st edition of the masterclass instructional drill design has proven its value when it comes to exchange of knowledge and experience. And it gave us a lot of inspiration for the next steps in the

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