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Has a content change impact on the drill proficiency?

One of the unique Drillster features is its ability to recalculate the proficiency of each individual participant if the content of a drill changes. We have now enhanced that feature. The author can now determine whether or not a content change should really have impact on the scores of the learners. 

Sometimes content changes reflect a minor modification, eg the correction of a typo. In such a case, the content change should not have an impact on the proficiency of the participants. Authors can now indicate this in the drill editor when modifying a question or the correct answer option. 

When modifying an existing question or correct answer option in the drill editor, you will see a checkbox 'impacts proficiency'. See the below image. By default, content modifications will no longer impact the drill proficiency of the users that have already practised this drill. If you check the checkbox 'impacts proficiency', then the current proficiency of the learners will be recalculated. This adjustment of the proficiency will depend on the number of changes in relation to the total drill size. 


This new feature that Drillster recently released, enables authors to have more control over the impact of a content change. Easy learning, easy instructional design! 

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