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Where to request for reports?

As a group administrator you go to 'Groups' in the main menu. Find the group you want to request a report for. Request directly by clicking the extra menu symbol (three bullets) next to 'Acces group details'. Now select 'Request for group report'. 



When you're in the group menu already, open the extra menu (three bullets) at the right end side of the tabs and select 'Request for group report'.

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Where to find the downloaded reports?

Drillster values the privacy of its users a lot. Therefore Drillster has chosen not to send the reports to the applicant of a report directly . If you request to download a report, you will receive an e-mail notification that the report is available to download in the account from which the report is generated.

If a report is generated, you can find it under 'Reports' on the homepage. Here you can find an overview of all requests for reports. You can download these reports (unlimited) for 30 days. You can clean up the list of requests by clicking the trashcan symbol.


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In which format can reports be downloaded?

Reports can be downloaded as Excel or .CSV file. If you choose for an Excel file, groups will be displayed per tab. If you choose for a .CSV file, all details will be found on one page.

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Which impact has a content change on the drill proficiency?

One of the unique Drillster features is its ability to recalculate the proficiency of each individual participant if the content of the drill changes.

Sometimes content changes reflect a minor modification, eg. correcting a typo. In such a case, the content change should not impact the proficiency of the participants. Authors can now determine whether or not a content change should really have impact on the scores of learners.

  • When modifying an existing question or correct answer option in the drill editor, you will see a checkbox 'impacts proficiency'.


  • By default, content modifications will no longer impact the drill proficiency of the users that have already practised this drill
  • If you check the checkbox 'impacts proficiency', then the current proficiency of the learners will be recalculated.

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