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Let's fight the Summer Slide!

The sun is shining. We can soon disconnect from our daily routine and enjoy the summer holiday. Attention: are you aware of the loss of knowledge and skills that occurs over the course of the summer period? Make sure you have downloaded the Drillster app on your mobile devices and let us help you to fight the 2017 Summer Slide. 

The Summer Slide is the learning loss that typically occurs during the summer holiday. The first research on the summer learning loss was conducted back in 1906 by William F. Wright (New York, USA). Wright found evidence for a loss of the equivalent of one month of learning.

Each fall, six weeks are spent on re-learning old material to make up for the summer learning loss. Practicing 2 to 3 hours per week during the summer holiday is all that is needed to prevent any learning loss. So regular practicing may help to avoid the summer knowledge loss.

But then again, some months of neglect of learning may blur the memory, but the change of daily routine and being out in the open air increases our vitality and this has proven to quicken our memory.  So what is best to do?

Let us help you. Drillster helps you to learn more in less time and to better retain what you learnt. Make sure you define permanent learning objectives on your drills. Your Drillster app will automatically notify you when important knowledge tends to fade away. Easier learning, better retention and an even better summer holiday.

Drillster will help you to fight the Summer Slide so you can fully enjoy the vacation period. We wish you a wonderful summer.  


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