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Learning in the fast lane

Have you already discovered the Auto Advancement function in the drill editor? When enabling the Auto Advancement option, Drillster will automatically present the next question when the learner has answered the question. Enabling the Auto Advancement function when designing a drill means that your learners will learn in the fast lane.

Do you prefer that your learners can review their evaluated answer before the next question is presented? You only have to disable the Auto Advancement function for your drill. The learner can take all the time needed to review the answer evaluation before going to the next question. If feedback is available, the learner will of course be able to review the feedback, before going to the next question. 

A third option is to leave the choice to the learner. In that case you select the ‘user determines Auto Advancement’ option under the advanced settings in the drill editor. A learner can choose under the ‘settings’ section of the drill whether he or she would like to enable or disable the Auto Advancement function. 

The author sets the Auto Advancement preference in the ‘Advanced options’ section of the drill editor.



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