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Analyze the difficulty level of your questions

How easy or how difficult were the questions of your test? The p-value provides an indication of the difficulty level of each test item. You can download a p-value report for every test that you created in Drillster. The p-vaule report enables you to analyze and optimize the quality of your tests.

A low p-value means that a low percentage of participants answered the question correctly. The question can be difficult or can contain incorrect information. A low p-value of an item should be the start of a further analysis of the question. A high p-value means that a high percentage of the participants answered the question correctly. The participants master the question very well (or the question is very easy…).

A p-value between 0,3 and 0,8 is ideal. If the questions in a test cover the same theme and have the same difficulty level, there should no outliners in the p-value report. If so, we advise to further analyze the questions.

The p-value can be calculated for all participants in a group or can be calculated for all the participants in all groups that the test is linked to.  


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