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Discover the new Drillster player

Drillster proudly presents its new player! The player has a new design and an attractive look and feel. The interaction has been improved and is more intuitive for the learners. 

The Drillster player is the part of our online application where questions are presented and answers are submitted. The new player offers various ways to present the answer options and clearly shows the user how knowledge on a specific drill will decrease if it is not maintained. This makes learning easier and results in better retention of what has been learned. 


Do you want to experience the new Drillster player? Log in to your Drillster account via www.drillster.com and start a drill now. 


If Drillster is integrated into an LMS or learning portal, then the new player is not automatically visible. So if you still see the legacy player, then the new Drillster player will be made available in the weeks to come. Drillster is also working on a redesign of its mobile iOS and Android apps. Stay tuned for more information. 



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