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Drillster demo at the E-ATP Conference

The yearly conference of the European division of the Association of Test Publishers was held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands from the 27th till the 29 of September 2017. Professionals from different sectors like education, health, governance, and HR joined the E-ATP Conference to share knowledge and experiences.

Marco van Sterkenburg, co-founder of Drillster, gave a product demonstration of the Drillster app.  What is the expiry date of a test result? How can you anchor knowledge year-round and not only at the moment of the test? Answers to these questions will be provided during the Drillster product demonstration. Attendees of our presentation engaged in an interesting discussion on how adaptive learning can replace the traditional periodic tests and exams. 

Were you not able to meet us at the E-ATP Conference? Interested in how our adaptive learning solution can improve your programs for compliance training or permanent education? Please contact us via support@drillster.com or call us at +31 88 375 05 00.


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