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“Mr. Osborne — May I be excused? My brain is full.”

A famous quote from a student in a Gary Larson comic. I am sure we all recognize the feeling. When you have been reading articles or a book for a longer period of time,  you feel like your brain cannot absorb any more information. You need to take a break so your brain can rest.

Can your brain actually be full? The US neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson once stated that “Our brains are so brilliant that they actually never get full. They can handle so much more, but they’re often undisciplined. They are like a muscle. The brain also needs to be trained and then trained again.

A characteristic of the human brain is that it extinguishes connections that it no longer needs. Space is made for new connections. So if information that we memorized before is no longer used, it will be extinguished to make space for the ‘storage’ of new information.

If you try to learn something that is not relevant or not interesting for you, you will also have the feeling that your brain does not store the information that we try to memorize so desperately. Thankfully that has nothing to do with your brain being full. Making the learning material relevant and interesting will result in the brain absorbing the new information. Great, isn’t it? Your brain is absolutely fascinating!



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