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Fringe and Drillster combine forces

Fringe, the provider of the learning portals Trajectplanner, Onderwijs Online and Education Online, combines forces with Drillster. KLM Cargo, a joint customer, inspired Fringe to integrate the Drillster adaptive learning technology in their learning portals. The business partnership that has just been signed, opens up a world of opportunities for our customers. 

The innovative and adaptive education Drillster application fits very well with Fringe's online learning portals. The integration enables the Trajectplanner, Onderwijs Online and Education Online customers to use Drillster's adaptive learning functionality as an integrated part of the learning portal. Learners will automatically be logged into their Drillster account and drill results and progress is real-time visible in the online learning portals.  

KLM Cargo continuously compliant with the Fringe - Drillster integration

KLM Cargo uses Drillster for the Dangerous Goods refreshment training. KLM Cargo uses Traject Planner, Fringe's online education tracking system. The Drillster application enables KLM Cargo's employees to learn in a personalized way using adaptive learning exercises called drills. Learning can be done via the Traject Planner learning portal and also via the Drillster iOs and Android apps, anywhere and anytime. 

A key element of the training is that employees are notified by the Drillster application when crucial knowledge tends to drop below a preset minimum knowledge level. These notifications are delivered through the Drillster mobile apps and also through the Trajectplanner learning portal. This allows employees to immediately reopen their Dangerous Goods drill and brush up on the knowledge, thus maintaining the required knowledge level.

Gert Mijnders Manager, Compliance Knowledge Center KLM Cargo, comments on the benefits:

"With the Drillster app, we are continuously compliant. Through regularly practising throughout the year, our employees remain the right level of knowledge. Employees used to have a knowledge peak around the moment of their periodical test, now this knowledge is anchored year-round."

For KLM Cargo, the link between Drillster and Fringe combines the best of both systems. KLM Cargo's employees can practice their dangerous goods drills within the existing online learning environment. For the staff of the KLM Cargo Knowledge Center, it is easy to make changes to teaching material or renew material when circumstances change. "We can easily, almost real-time, adapt the teaching material to new insights or legal changes. Employees only need one login and they don’t need to get used to a new learning system. That makes this integrated platform very user-friendly for our staff ", concludes Gert Mijnders of KLM Cargo.


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