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Nice to meet... Tom!

You probably know Marco, Noud or Arnoud as sales or support, but there’re more very enthusiastic and passionate people working at Drillster. Each one inspired from their own perspective and profession, but always with a "Drillster look" at the world of learning.

To get to know the people behind the Drillster app, we would like to introduce them one by one in our newsletters. The first who takes the floor is:

Tom van den Berge 


Who is Tom?

I'm a hardcore software developer. I'm also a father of two fantastic daughters and an enthusiastic cyclist. 

What is your role in the Drillster organization?

I work on the back-end of the platform, the Drillster engine room so to speak. As we process thousands of learning items a day, we have to take care of the system engines. We make sure that the application functions properly, we solve bugs and above all, we enable the platform to keep up with the growth of our company in numbers of users as well as in new functionalities. 

What are the latest developments that you are working on?

"Course path adaptivity" is an important development we're working on as a team. For example; this enables you to link drills to other learning objectives and this way offer users an adaptive course path. Besides this, we are also preparing the application for our continuous growth. 

What will Drillster be 5 years from now?

In five years from now, Drillster is......a worldwide EdTech provider. We have an enormous amount of daily users from all parts of the world. The platform processes hundreds of questions and answers per second.  

What is your favorite drill and what drill would you like to see developed?

I really suck in memorizing all my friends and families birthdays, so quite long ago I made a birthday drill that I still make sometimes. Never a forgot a birthday since! Another favorite drill is Classical Music Masterpieces. 

I'm also a cartographic freak, so I would love to see more topographic drills in the Drill Store, preferably with "hot spot" questions. A well-designed topography drill is a pleasure and fun to make!


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