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The Courseware Company offers adaptive learning with Drillster

The Courseware Company, provider of smart learning and knowledge management solutions, signed a partnership agreement with Drillster. Customers of The Courseware Company can use the Drillster adaptive learning and testing service as an integrated part of their learning programs.  
The Courseware Company offers its customers learning management solutions based on the NetDimensions and Totara platforms. Drillster’s educational technology has been integrated into these learning management systems. This enables NetDimensions and Totara customers to add adaptive learning exercises and tests to their learning programs.
Drillster offers innovative technology that leads to faster learning and better retention. Drillster uses a proprietary, adaptive algorithm that repeats learning material in a smart way. The system automatically focuses on parts of the learning material that are not yet mastered by the student. The learning effect is reinforced by direct feedback to the learner.
Knowledge declines if not maintained. Predictive analytics are applied by Drillster to calculate how and when knowledge declines for each individual user. The student receives a notification, just before he or she tends to forget, allowing knowledge to be brushed up efficiently. Reporting and learning analytics demonstrate the past, current and future competencies of individual users and groups.
Customers of The Courseware Company can make use of Drillster’s adaptive learning and testing functionality within their NetDimensions or Totara LMS, both for existing and new training programs. Users who are logged into the LMS will automatically be logged into their Drillster account when starting a drill or test. Participants and their managers can monitor the progress and results. Participants can use both the LMS and the Drillster iOS and Android apps to access their adaptive courses.
The integration that the Courseware Company has realized for the NetDimensions platform offers even more advanced features. As of early 2016 the drill scores will be automatically synchronized with the personal scores in the NetDimensions LMS. If one or more drills scores fall below a preset minimum, the user will receive a notification. 
For more information, please contact Chris Textor (The Courseware Company) or Marco van Sterkenburg (Drillster).
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