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SUSA realizes higher exam pass rates with Drillster

SUSA is the Dutch temporary employment agency that is specialized in flexible jobs for higher education students. Many students are employed as contact center agents for Dutch financial institutions and therefore require to licensed be licensed for the Act on Financial Supervision (WfT). Since the SUSA employees prepare their WfT exams with the online training program of Dukers&Baelemans and Drillster, the exam pass rates have gone up significantly. 
SUSA selected the online WfT training program of Dukers&Baelemans and Drillster because of the flexibility that students have when studying. Many temporary workers are employed as contact center agents for financial institutions and need to have a WfT diploma. They also need to keep their knowledge on financial subjects up-to-date in order to pass the periodic tests. This system should guarantee that each employee in the finance sector has up-to-date knowledge on rules and regulations. 
Arnoud Schmitz, business development manager of Drillster, explains: “Contact center employees in the financial sector are obliged to have a WfT diploma. The diploma offers the contact center agents real advantages on the job. After having followed a WfT training, employees can respond to customer queries in a more efficient and professional way. The productivity will increase and the top-of-mind knowledge gives the employees more self-confidence. The WfT diploma provides a valuable addition to the CV and function profile of the students.”
Dutch Finance minister Dijsselbloem recently proposed to extend the deadline by which all customer facing employees in the finance sector need to have a WfT diploma, to the 31st of December 2016. Schmitz continues: “An issue in passing the WfT exam is the large amount of learning material that has to be studied. Dukers&Baelemans developed an adaptive training program that enables the participant to learn faster and more efficient.”
The advantage of online learning
e-Learning enables the students to learn place and time independent. Adaptive learning increase the exam pass rates, especially when the study recommendations are followed. “Dukers&Baelemans and Drillster developed a personalized training program which pass rates are far above the national average.” SUSA also measured that the exam pass rates of their temporary workers increased significantly after the students used the Dukers & Baelemans study program to prepare their exams. 
The learning progress becomes visible for individual participants and teams. It is easy to measure knowledge gaps and to decrease these gaps during additional classroom training programs. Schmitz explains: “Drillster is an intelligent e-learning tool that uses assessment based learning techniques on a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is efficient and effective as it measures how well someone masters specific learning material and it automatically focusses on the elements that still need to be developed.
Drillster can calculate how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. The user will then receive a notification so he or she can brush up on the knowledge. This is a smart mechanism to keep knowledge up-to-date. In comparison to traditional learning methods, people will learn 10% more in 40% less time.”
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