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New: co-authoring drills

The new co-authoring function enables you to work with several authors on the same drill. Per individual drill you can assign co-authoring rights to one or several colleagues. Together you can write, edit and review drills before you distribute them to the training participants. 

The co-authoring function is an important addition to the drill editor. It enables you to create drills with several instructional designers or subject matter experts. The updates to a drill are only made effective to the participants of your training, after the drill has been released. This mechanism ensures that you can work on a new, updated version of your drill while the current version remains active for your students. 

Training programs need to be updated on a regular basis. When modifications are made to questions in a drill, Drillster re-calculates the proficiency of each individual user that has access to the drill. Training content updates lead to a lower proficiency. After all, the users have not yet shown to master the new, updated information, so their overall proficiency will decrease. This decrease in proficiency triggers a notificiation to be sent to the participant. 

When the participants of a training revisit the drill, they will be presented questions on the new content. At the same time, Drillster will repeat some of the training elements that the user did have difficulties with when he or she last practised the drill, as well questions that have not been presented for a long period of time. This mechanism ensures the anchoring of new information as well as the reinforcement of unchanged information. 

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