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Blokker: customer retention through knowledge retention

Are ceramic products suitable for use in the oven? And what is the difference between stearin and paraffin candles? Some examples of frequently asked questions in the stores of Blokker, the leading Dutch retail chain for household appliances and articles.  The Blokker employees in the renewed Blokker stores have improved their product knowledge using the Drillster app. 
Interactive learning exercises have been developed per product category. The adaptive learning technology of Drillster is used to train product knowledge in a fun and efficient way. Each employee starts with a diagnostic test which provides detailed information on the current knowledge level per product category. If the knowledge on a specific product category falls below the preset minimum level, the employee is invited to brush up on the knowledge practicing the product drills. 
The drills that Drillster have developed for Blokker include both product knowledge and commercial awareness. Which information can an employee provide to a customer in order to increase customer satisfaction? The training program that Drillster and Blokker have developed are a good example of the applicability of adaptive learning technology in the retail sector. 
Employees and their store managers can access the drills via the Blokker learning management system. They can also download the Drillster iOS or Android apps and improve their knowledge using their smart phones or tablets. 
Heidi, employee in a Blokker store, comments: “I appreciate that I can test and improve my knowledge on the various product categories. I can start, stop and restart the training where and when I want. I can do this at work as well as at home, and it’s like playing a game when I try to reach the 100% score as quickly as possible.”
Drillster shows the actual knowledge per product category on a learning curve. It also shows how knowledge declines if it is not maintained. The Blokker employees see when it is time to brush up on their knowledge and to practice a specific drill again.
Store managers have access to an online dashboard to monitor the progress of their team members. Learning analytics allow them to verify specific development areas for individual employees. Denise, store manager, comments: “Drillster offers many features. I experience it like a game: if I make many mistakes, learning items are repeated which I would like to prevent. This triggers me to immediately provide correct answers to the challenges that are presented”
For using Drillster in the Blokker stores, an integration has been made between Drillster and the JUTTEN learning management system. Drills can be started via both the learning management system and the Drillster mobile apps. Drillster is a cloud solution, so the learning history is always centrally stored. 
The content that the didactic experts of Drillster developed for Blokker will also be used for other retail formulas within the Blokker Group. Furniture drills can also be used by the employees in the Leen Bakker stores and the toys drills can be used to improve the product knowledge of the staff in the Bart Smit toy stores. 


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