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FINTREX and Drillster innovate selection process for contact center employees

FINTREX and Drillster have developed a new type of contact center e-assessment. An adaptive e-assessment measures more precisely whether or not an applicant has the competences that are needed to successfully work in the contact center industry. FINTREX successfully launched the new e-assessment with various of its customers.  
Contact center experts made up a list of specific competences that contact center staff should possess. Psychologists have provided their input on the ways in which these comptences can be measured and pedagogues validated the communication around the online assessment.
FINTREX selected the Drillster test functionality for a more precise comptence measurement. The Drillster technology does not only measure whether or not a candidate possesses specific competences, but also measures the level at which specific competences are present. 
Depending on the correct and incorrect answers that a candidate provides during the e-assessment, Drillster presents questions of a higher or lower difficulty level. This way, more detailed information becomes available on the level on which certain competences have been developed by the applicant. This information enables FINTREX to make more qualified decisions when recruiting contact center staff for their customers. 
After a contact center employee has been recruited, knowledge gaps can immediately be reduced, using the adaptive learning technology of Drillster. This confirms FINTREX philosophy: the customer contact e-assessment is not only a random indication of competence, but just the start of an individual learning path for the candidate. 
The e-assessment is a competence test and selects only on the hard requirements that are set for employees in the contact center sector. Personality characteristics and other soft criteria are not part of the e-assessment. The soft criteria like culture and personality that are part of the DNA of a company, are tested in a personal meeting with the FINTREX customer.


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