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Vliegschool Hilversum integrates Drillster in PPL e-learning program

Hilversum (the Netherlands), May 1,  2015 - Vliegschool Hilversum (VSH), the Dutch flight school based on Hilversum airport, integrates e-learning in the PPL and LAPL training programs for Dutch private pilots. The PPL e-learning platform selected Drillster to enable the pilots to study anytime, anyplace, any device”.
The PPL e-learning program aims at both the theoretical and practical sides of the pilot training. An improvement of the individual learning curve of each pilot can be measured. The PPL e-learning program includes 2.000 questions in the Dutch language. It is the ideal preparation on the 7 exams that needs to be passed to become a  licensed private airplane pilot. Pilots can subscribe to the PPL e-learning program via VSH.
More information can be found on www.PPL-e-learning.nl . The adaptive learning exercises in the e-learning program have the same structure as the PPL text books of Bas Vrijthof, published by QDM Aviation. VSH selected Drillster for the PPL e-learning program. The learning material is also supported by the Drillster apps that can be downloaded in the App Store and in Google Play. The intelligent software automatically presents the more difficult questions more frequently, thus anchoring knowledge. In addition, Drillster can send notifications to the user just before he or she tends to forget. The pilot will always have up-to-date knowledge.  
VSH also uses the e-learning program for currency and conversion training on her own aircrafts. The drills contain practical questions on the Pilot Operating Handbook as well as on the specific characteristics of each aircraft type. The drills contain photos and images and are ideal for the conversion training of pilots on a specific aircraft type, and also for certified pilots to remain current. This way, VSH will actively contribute to the increase in flight safety in The Netherlands.
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