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Creating users

Creating users

Participants (users) can be created manually. If large groups of participants must be created, Drillster can do this for you. See Adding participants (bulk) for more information.

To create accounts automatically Drillster uses an API

There are two different users you can create:

  • Staff users: all persons requiring access to Drillster to manage exercises and groups, to set learning goals and access reports will be listed under "staff users ".
  • End users: all persons who need an user account for Drillster for general use (participants), without getting administrator functions, will get a general account.

This article contains information about creating users, staff or end users, and about creating a large groups of participants (bulk invite). 

Creating accounts for employees

In the menu, click "staff user".


  • Then click on the “+” sign to “Create a new staff user”
  • The input screen for adding new users will be shown. The data that needs to be completed consists of:
    • Email address: this will also be the participant's login name used for accessing the Drillster account. This email address does not necessarily need to be an existing email address. If a user does not have an email address, a non-existing email address may be used;
    • The real name: first name + surname of the participant;
    • Password: this is the password that the participant can use to login the first time. The participant may change this password himself, after the first time he has logged in. This can be done under "my profile".
    • The default settings that are shown under "permissions" are a normal participant needs to use Drillster.


  • Under the tab Permissions you can adjust the users' rights. This is important when teachers or group leaders need the rights to create groups or see reports. The following options are those to give users rights:
    • Practice organizational drills: This functionality regulates that all Drills that an organization adds to a group will automatically be added to the users' repertoire, without the need to get permission from the users.
    • Manage Courses: With this functionality the user can create “courses”. In a course several Drills with the same subject can be combined.
    • Convert text-to-speech: The user can easily convert text to speech. Dictation exercises and Listening skill Drills can be created this way. To convert text to speech, a computer regulated technology is used. 9 languages are supported and for every language there is a male and a female voice.
    • Manage Users: With this functionality users within the licence can be given access to the possibility to give employees rights. This permission should only be given to employees with management rights.
    • Admin Access: This permission allows a participant to create new participants and to modify or delete participants.
    • Use experimental features: Select this possibility when users should automatically gain access to all new functionalities that are being designed within Drillster. We recommend to always select this functionality.
    • User access: Connects a participant to access his account. If access to an account should (temporary) be discontinued, without deleting the account, this can be done by unchecking "user access".Group admin: Specifies a participant administration rights. He can then create new groups and change or delete groups;
    • Take individual tests: With this functionality you can set and take individual tests. 
  • Click "sign up" to create the account. The participant can directly use the account. The new account is now created and Drillster mentions all accounts that have been created under the license.

Users and participants can be granted permissions to see reports and to add participants to groups. In Group management you can read how this is done.

Create accounts for participants

To manually create (end)users (students or participants) a group needs to be created first. The participants can be added to the group. The Drills that have been placed in the group will be visible for all participants of the group.

Click on "Groups".

  • Drillster now shows an overview of the groups that have already been created under the license. To create a new group, click the “+” sign that shows ‘Create new group’. .
  • Select the group to which participants need to be added by clicking the group's name and ‘Members’ in the following menu. Drillster shows all participants of the group.

  • When no participants have been added, or when a new participant needs to be added, click the orange “+” sign “Add member”.
  • To add large groups of participants, create a bulk invitation. See adding participants (bulk) for more information on uploading large groups of participants.
  • A window for inviting participants appears. There are several options.
    • In the e-mail textbox you enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite.
    • If the person you want to invite doesn't have a Drillster account yet, tick the 'create an account' box. An account will be created automatically.
    • If you would like to send a welcome email, tick the second box. An email will be sent with a link to activate the account. The email also contains some tips to get the most out of Drillster.
    • To create an account automatically, the name of the user needs to be filled in.
  • When the invitation has been sent successfully, you will receive a message.
  • Users will automatically be added to the group they have been invited to.


Creating accounts for large groups (bulk)

Drillster has an option to invite large groups of participants automatically. The user data can be copied from an Excel file.

  • Click "Groups"
  • Select the group to which a large amount of new participants need to be added and click “Members” in the menu

Click the “+” sign and “Bulk invite group members”.


  • Copy this user data from Excel and past it in the text window.
    • Open Excel and enter the user data like in the example below.
    • Select all participants in Excel . Then click right and select copy.



  • Paste the data in the Drillster application (right click and select paste).
  • bulk.png
  • U can choose from two options, as described in "Create account for participants".
  • Click "Import".
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