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Group management

What is a group?

A group is a number of users who follow a joint exercise, course, training or education. By bringing individuals together in a group, it will be easy to distribute drills or tests, set learning goals and monitor progress.


Create a new group

By creating groups:

  • Multiple participants get the same Drill or Drills in their account automatically;
  • The group leader or licensee can set learning goals for a group of participants;
  • The progress of a group of participants can be monitored.

To create a new group manually:

  • Click "Groups".
  • Drillster now shows an overview of the groups that have already been created under the license.

Click the “+” sign "Create new group".



  • Specify a name for the group. It is also possible to give a description of the group. Then click "create".
  • After a group has been created, participants can be added to this group. This procedure is described in Creating users.

Remove group

  • To remove a group:
    • Click "Groups" in the left menu.
    • Tick the boxes of the groups that need to be removed.

Select "Actions" and “Remove” in the drop-down menu.


  • The group has now been removed. Caution: this cannot be restored! All data from drills in the group has been removed and all participants have been disconnected from the group. The drills that were connected to the group, are still available under “Repertoire”. The accounts of individual participants from the group have not been deleted. They are just separated from the group.


Adding participants to a group

There are two ways to add participants to an account:

  1. In case of employees that need access to group management, reports and setting learning goals, below will be explained how these employees can be added to a group.
  2. Participants that need to be added to a group so they can learn the content in the group, can be added via the procedure that is explained in Creating users.

To add employees:

  • Select "Groups" from the left menu.
  • Select the group in which you want to add the participants.
  • Click "Members", click the “+” sign and “Add member”.
  • Enter the details and click "invite". For more information on the options, see Creating users.
  • When large groups of participants need to be added in once, contact support@drillster.com.

Remove participants

It is possible to:

  • Remove participants from a group. The participant will stay in the licence, but will no longer be part of the group. The participant can still be a part of the other groups.
  • Delete employees from the own organization: when employees are removed they will no longer belong to the groups they were added to before, and they will be removed from the licence.
  • Pay attention!: Removing user accounts is final.


Remove participants from a group

You can remove participants from a group. The user account will not be deleted.

  • Click on "Participants" in Groups.
  • Select the participants you want to remove.
  • Click on “Disconnect”.


  • Drillster has now removed the member from the group. The participant's account has not been deleted, it was only removed from the group.
  • To remove more members at once, select the members and click the "Actions" button and click " Remove". 
  • The drill scores of the member will be retained.


Remove employees from a group

  • Click "Management" in the menu.
  • Select the manager you want to disconnect.
  • Click "Revoke" to disconnect the manager.
  • Drillster now disconnects the employee(s) from the group as manager.
  • The participant's account has not been deleted, it was disconnected from the group only.



  • Assign permissions


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