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Manage Drills

Manage Drills

After a Drill has been created there are several options:

  • Add Drills to a group
  • Remove Drills from a group
  • Remove drills definitively
  • Duplicate Drills

Adding drills to a group

To add one or more Drills to a group:

  • Click "my content"
  • Drillster now shows all Drills the user has made and those the user has added to his account. The Drills that have been sent to him or her by other users or group managers are also visible.
  • Select the Drill that needs to be added to the group. More Drills can be selected at once;
  • Select the option "add to group" in the drop down menu.


  • Select the group to which the Drill needs to be added.
  • Click "Add to group"
  • Drillster shows that the Drill has been successfully added to the group.
  • Go to "Groups" via the menu to get an overview of the groups and select the group to which the Drill has been added.
  • Drillster shows an overview of all Drills within the group
  • A participant that has been added to a group will now see the Drill in "Repertoire".
  • Users who are part of a group and want to see the progress of the group can check the reports. 


Remove Drills from a group

To remove drills from a group, go to the group and disconnect the drill you want to remove it from the group.

Remove drills definitively

To remove drills, go to my content. Select the drill which you want to delete. If you delete the drill, you are unable to undo this action. 

Duplicate Drills

To make a copy of the Drill, you can create a new drill with the same content as the original one. This Drill has got an own Drill ID, so changes you're making in this Drill won't be make in the original drill


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