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This is a list of questions related to your Drillster account.


What types of accounts are there? 

A basic account is free and can be created on drillster.com by anyone. It is also possible that your account was created for you, by your employer, school or institute.

We also offer a premium account. The premium account includes additional learning options and functionalities such as unlimited storage, text-to-speech (into nine languages), the ability to create groups, set learning objectives and creating and administering tests. Also, premium account holders are able to sell their drills through the Drill Store. You can upgrade your basic account to a premium account.

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How can I open an account?

A free basic account can be created on our home page or here. You can also open an account directly through your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account by clicking on the appropriate button on the home page.


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Can I change my username?

You can change your username by going to ‘My profile’. Open your account page by clicking on your account name in the top right corner of the screen.

The username is always an email address. You can change your address by adding a secondary email address to your account. You can then select the new address as your primary email address, so that Drillster will send all communication to that address. When the new email address is the primary one, you can delete the old one. 


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How can I change my password

You can change your password via the 'My profile' page. You have to log into your account via www.drillster.com. It is not yet possible to change your password via the mobile app.

If you are logged into your Drillster account via www.drillster.com: 

  • Go to the 'My Profile' page via clicking on your name at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Click on 'Password'
  • You can now set a new password. You first have to enter your existing password and then twice the new password. 
  • After you have saved the new password, it will immediately be effective. You can log into your Drillster account via www.drillster.com or via the mobile apps. 

Do you now have a password or have you forgotten your password? Please continue reading. 


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How can I (re)set my password? 

If you have not yet set a password or if you have forgotten your password, you can reset the password via www.drillster.com. 

  • Click on 'log in' at the upper right hand side of the Drillster home page. 
  • Then Click on 'No password?'
  • You now see a screen where you can enter the email address that is used as username of your account.
  • Drillster sends an email to this email address. Open this email within 1 hour. The email contains a link that redirects you to a secure page where you can set a (new) password. 
  • You can now log into your Drillster account with your email address / username and the new password, both via www.drillster.com and via the mobile apps. 

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I have a new email address. Can I change this in my Drillster account?

If you would like to use a new email address for your Drillster account, then you can add this new email address to your existing Drillster account. 

  • First log into your Drillster account, using your old username/email address
  • Go to the 'My profile' section via the menu. 
  • You now see the current email address that is used in your Drillster account. 
  • Click on 'add an email address', type in the new email address and click on '+ Add'. 
  • Then click on 'Verify' to confirm the new email address. Drillster sends you an email with a link. Click on this link as soon as possible. 
  • Your new email address is now added to your Drillster account and has been confirmed. 

You can now log onto your Drillster account with both your old and new email address. The password remains unchanged. 

If you would like the emails that Drillster sends as part of the service, to be sent to your new email address, then you have to assign your new email address as the primary email address. You can do this after you have successfully completed the 'Verify' procedure as indicated above.

Go to the 'My Profile' page in your account and assign the new email address as the primary email address. Once you have done that you can also delete the former email address.  

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Can I open accounts for a group of users?

As a license holder it is possible to create large groups of users for your company, institute or school. New users can be created automatically, manually or through Drillster's Support department.

Premium account holders can create groups of up to 10 users. If these users do not yet have a Drillster account, they will be invited to create one. There are special prices for premium accounts for groups up to 20, 30, 40 or 50 users. These enhanced premium accounts may be useful for remedial teachers, tutors, small businesses or schools. Please contact Drillster at info@drillster.com for more information about premium accounts for more than 10 users.

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For how long will my account remain active?

Drillster is all about learning more quickly and retaining the knowledge longer. This means that it is important to regularly repeat your drills. This is why a free basic account will remain active indefinitely. This way your progress and historic data will not be lost. Paid accounts do need to be renewed.

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Do I need to renew my Drillster account?

A free basic account does need to be renewed. This way your progress is saved and you can continue practicing at any point in time. Paid accounts do need to be renewed. Close to the expiry of your subscription Drillster will send you a reminder to renew.


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I want to close my account. How do I do that?

In order to close your account, please send an email with your request to support@drillster.com. Please make sure you send the email from the address registered with your Drillster account.

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I've selected a language other than English in my profile, but sometimes I see text shown in English. Why is that?

We aim to offer the service as complete as possible in the various languages. It is possible that certain parts of the application have not been translated yet. In those cases the text will be displayed in English.

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When will Drillster become available in my language?

Drillster is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Would you like to use Drillster in a different language, please let us know via feedback@drillster.com.

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I would like to help translate Drillster to a currently unsupported language. Is that possible?

We're always looking for people willing to help translate Drillster into currently unsupported languages. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us via info@drillster.com.

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