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Premium account

Premium account

This is a list of questions related to the Drillster premium account.


What are the advantages of a premium account?

A premium account offers a couple of valuable learning functionalities that make learning easier. Premium account holders are able to convert speech to text (nine languages), create and do tests and set learning objectives for yourself or others.

It is also possible to create groups of external participants and add drills and tests to those groups and track the progress of participants. A premium account offers an unlimited storage capacity and the ability to sell your own drills or courses in the Drill Store, making it possible to earn money with your learning material. See also our page about the premium account.

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I've got a basic account. Can I upgrade it to a premium account?

Yes, you can. Log in using the username and password of your basic account. Go to ‘My profile’, by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Near ‘Account type’ there is a blue button labelled ‘Upgrade to premium account’. Click this button and follow the instructions.

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How much does a premium account cost?

There are two plans for a premium account. You can choose to pay monthly or for one year. A premium account is € 5.95 per month, or just € 59.50 for an entire year. The annual plan gives you two months for free.

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I would to track the results of my users. Can I do that with a premium account?

Yes, tracking the progress of users in a group you have created is one of the many functionalities of the premium account.

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How do I pay for a premium account?

An upgrade to a premium account is paid for through PayPal. PayPal offers various payment options.

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Is there a notice period for canceling a premium account?

If you are on the monthly plan, you can cancel any month. The annual plan is not automatically renewed.

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What happens to my premium account if I don't renew my subscription?

A premium account that is not renewed will automatically be downgraded to a free basic account. Features that are only available to premium account holders will no longer be available.

The storage limit for the basic account will also be enforced, which may mean that not all drills in your repertoire will be accessible. In no case will any data be discarded.

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