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Business and education license

Business and education license

This is a list of questions related to the licenses for business and education.


What is a business license and/or an education license?

A business or education license provides businesses, institutes, schools or universities with access to all of their users and control over the drill content. With a license account, it is possible to create large groups of users that use Drillster in a protected environment. Also, it offers a number of advanced learning and testing capabilities.

Please see our pages about the business or education licenses.

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How do I purchase a business or education license?

To purchase a license, please contact us at +31 30 755 5330 or info@drillster.com.

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Can I manually create user accounts with a business or education license?

Group members (users) can be created manually or through an API integration. If large groups of users need to be set up, Drillster can do this for you as well. See also our page about creating user accounts.

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I've received an account through my company, school or institute. Will I be able to log in into the Drillster mobile apps or the main website?

Anyone with an account is able to use the mobile apps or the web-based Drillster application. It does not matter whether you set up the account yourself or if your company or school did that for you.

If you make use of a seamless login mechanism through your company or school, you may need to set a Drillster password before being able to use the mobile apps. You can set your password here.

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I've received an account through my company, school or institute. Can I add my own drills to my repertoire?

Yes, you can also use your account for personal use. This has no impact on the drills you are using for your company or school.

Your company or school does not have access to the drills you use personally. All drills are kept in your repertoire together.

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