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This is a list of questions related to the copyright and usage license of content hosted by Drillster.


What license does content for myself I create for myself have?

Drills that have not been published and are therefore only available for private use do not have a license.

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What license is needed in order to share content with others?

Content created by you and shared with specific users will have a Creative Commons Attributions-Share Alike license. Your name will be listed as the author (not your email address). If others change your drill, they will be listed as co-authors.

It is also possible to publish your material in the Drill Store using your own copyright notice. This option is available to business or education license holders. You can add your own logo and copyright notice. Users downloading and using your drill will see these copyright notices.

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Why is my username listed as the drill's author, and not my real name?

Drillster users are identified by their name. Your email address is hidden from other users. This name is listed as the author of a drill. You can tell other users a bit about yourself on your profile page. You decide what information you share with others.

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I would like to distribute copyrighted material through Drillster. Is that possible?

Yes. You need a business or educational license in order to do that. The license gives you the option to publish copyrighted material in the Drill Store.

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Where can I see a drill's license information?

Just above the title in the practice window of a drill, there is the ‘Share’ link. If you click it, you'll see the sharing options, but also the license used to publish the drill.

If the share link is not present, the drill is only visible to people in your organization. In that case, the drill is considered to be owned by your organization, with the copyright not specifically stated.

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