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Adding widgets to WordPress

Adding widgets to WordPress

Did you know that it is easy to add a Drillster widget to your WordPress website? Add interactive and adaptive learning elements to your WordPress-based blog or website!


Because WordPress does not let you edit the site’s HTML directly, you cannot simply copy and paste a drill’s embed code into your WordPress site. However, there is a free plugin to deal with the embedding of iframes.

Download the free iframe plugin from the WordPress website and install it into your WordPress site. See the documentation on managing plugins on how to install a plugin. Don’t forget to activate the plugin!

Embedding widgets

With the plugin installed, you should now be able to embed any number of Drillster widgets on your WordPress pages.

The first step is to find the embed code for the drill you would like to add to your site. The embed code can be found by clicking on the “share” icon in the practice widget, or in the sidebar on the drill detail page. An embed code looks something like:

<iframe src="https://www.drillster.com/widget/drill/aD1yumG1SUyhyr3_SspN8w" width="940" height="395" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">

The next step is to convert this embed code into a code that WordPress understands.

The same embed code in WordPress style is:

[iframe src="https://www.drillster.com/widget/drill/aD1yumG1SUyhyr3_SspN8w" width="940" height="395"]

Simply take this embed code in square bracket notation (including the brackets!) and paste into your WordPress site. You should now have a working widget inside your page.

Widgets can be customized by adding parameters to its URL. This will work for widgets embedded into WordPress as well. Please see the page about widget customization for more details.

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