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This is a list of general questions about Drillster.


What is Drillster?

Drillster is an adaptive and interactive learning and testing application. Drillster uses an adaptive (self learning) algorithm and is based on scientific research, see scientific background and scientific research for more information. 

Drillster keeps track of what each individual user has memorized, what he/she has answered correctly or incorrectly and when the material was last seen. Drillster determines the optimal sequence and frequency of practice questions at an individual level. This results in users absorbing more information in less time, and retain the information longer.

Additionally, Drillster calculates when and how knowledge declines and can send the learner a notification just before he or she tends to forget. In that way knowledge is always on top of mind. 

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What is a drill?

A drill is an exercise. A drill contains the practice material for a single subject or chapter. The user's or student's progress is tracked for every drill. While practicing a drill, knowledge is learned and tested at the same time. Any user can download ready to use drills from the Drill Store or create their own drills.

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Is Drillster free of charge?

A basic account is free of charge, which means that the basic functions are accessible for anyone. If you would like to use additional functionalities, such as setting learning objectives, tracking progress of others, or selling your drills in the Drill Store, you could consider purchasing a Premium account.

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Why is the my drill score decreasing over time? 

Drillster calculates how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. A proprietary algorithm that is based on scientific research, calculates how the proficiency of an individual learner declines throughout time. Your decreasing score is a reflection of this calculation. 

If new learning material is added to a drill, Drillster will recalculate your proficiency. The proficiency will typically decline. After all, there is new learning material that is not yet proven to be mastered. 

Drillster always registers your former high scores. Did your company or school set a learning objective for you? If you have realized the learning objective prior to the target date, then the high score will be used for the evaluation of the learning objective. It does not matter that your score has meanwhile decreased, as long as you did realize the score that you were requested to realize as part of the learning objective. 

You can easily update your proficiency by continuing to practice the drill. You will not start at zero, but Drillster will use your learning history to determine which questions will be presented. Depending on the answers you provide, questions will be more or less frequently repeated, until you have realized the learning objective again, or until you have realized the full proficiency of 100%. When the content remains unchanged, the knowledge decline will take more and more time for each new cycle.

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Why does Drillster repeat questions? 

Drillster is an adaptive learning platform that uses assessment based learning techniques to test, develop and retain knowledge and awareness. A proprietary algorithm, based on scientific research, determines the sequence and frequency in which learning items are repeated. 

If you have answered a question correctly just once, it is possible that you have taken a guess and were lucky to select the correct answer. Your knowledge of the specific learning object is not yet irrefutable. That is why questions are repeated in a smart way. It anchors knowledge. Incorrectly answered questions are repeated more frequently than correctly answered questions. 

Drillster can repeat the exact same questions or can present question variants. You first have to link question variants via the drill editor. 

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Do I have to register in order to use Drillster?

It is possible to try Drillster without registering. However, your progress is not tracked by Drillster. To learn more in less time Drillster needs to build up the statistics around your involvement with the learning material. This is only possible by registering for an account.

If you want to have access to a training or course of your business, educational institution, school or university, then you should contact the organization offering these courses and training. Through a registration at Drillster, you don’t get automatic access to the drills of your business or school. For this, they must inscribe you to the group.

A basic account is free of charge. Click here to register your free account. 

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Can I use Drillster on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, Drillster offers a free app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (smartphone and tablets). It is also possible to use the web-based application on a smartphone or tablet.

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What learning material is supported by Drillster?

Drillster supports learning material consisting of text, audio (including text-to-speech), video, pdf or images. Mathematical equations are supported as well. You can use Drillster for any type of training or course. 

Ready-to-use drills can be found in the Drill store. It is also easy to create your own drill. Would you like to know how Drillster could add value to your training program or course? Please do not hesitate to call us (+ 31 88 375 05 00) or send us an e-mail (support@drillster.com). 

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Where can I use Drillster?

Since Drillster is available in the web browser and as apps for smartphone and tablet, you can use it anywhere you like. At school, at work, in the garden, or on the train. The only thing required is an internet connection.

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How is Drillster different than other applications?

Drillster uses an intelligent algorithm. It tracks a large number of parameters for each individual user for each entry and employs a clever algorithm to not only assess the current proficiency level, but also to predict future proficiency levels. By repeating questions in a clever way, users absorb more in less time. 

Research of the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) in 2013 showed that learning with Drillster results in 10% higher test results in at least 40% less study time (see scientific research for more information). 

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Can Drillster predict when I will have forgotten learning material?

Yes, Drillster is based upon scientific research and calculates an individual learning curve in order to predict the forgetting of acquired knowledge. The learning curve is calculated, based upon factors such as the number of times an answer has been given, whether the answers were correct or not, how fast the user answered and how many time passed in between. See scientific background for more information. 

Your company, school or institute can set a minimum proficiency level for specific learning material. To learn more about setting learning goals, see "Learning goals". If your proficiency drops below that level, Drillster will send you a notification to remind you that it is time to brush up.

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Does Drillster use cookies?

Yes, Drillster uses cookies. These are required to make the application work. For more information about our use of cookies, please see our cookie policy.

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What is the difference between a drill and a test or quiz?

A test or quiz is used to assess the proficiency of a learner on a specific topic. The test result only tells something about the proficiency of the learner at the very moment of the test. We all know that knowledge will decline if it is not maintained. So the test score has little value three, six or nine months after the test has been completed.

A drill is to develop and retain proficiency of a learner on a specific topic. The drill score represents the sustainable proficiency of a learner throughout time. Questions or their variants have to be answered several times before the 100% proficiency is reached. This eliminates the chances of randomly guessing answers and ensures that knowledge is really anchored. 

In addition, Drillster automatically represents the decline of knowledge if a drill is not regularly updated. Besides the highest obtained score you will see the actual score which can be lower. So the drill score still represents a valuable proficiency three, six or nine months after the learner stopped practicing a drill. This makes a drill a more valuable learning object for permanent education and training programs where knowledge has to be top-of-mind year round. 

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