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What is the Drill Store?

The Drill Store is the central repository for all public available drills. You will find both free and paid drills and courses in the Drill Store. The blue button next to each drill/course tells you whether the drill or course is free of charge or what its price is. The Drill Store is accessible via your Drillster account. If you do not yet have a Drillster account you can also look around in the Drill Store via www.drillster.com/store.

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How do I search for content?

If you are in the Drill Store, you can search for keywords in the search box. Or click on ‘browse all subjects’ for a list of all subjects. 

If you would like to search for drills or courses that have several keywords, you can do so by typing AND between the various keywords. In the search field, you type keyword1 AND keyword2 AND keyword3. Drillster will now show you all drills that meet all three keywords. 

You can try out each drill or course, or add it to your repertoire straight away. Drillster will only remember your progress when a drill is added to your repertoire.

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How do I add content to my repertoire?

If you have found a drill or course in the Drill Store, you can add it to your repertoire. Click on the blue word 'add' or, if you already opened the drill or course on 'Add to repertoire'. When you are in the trial mode to try the drill/course, you can click on '+ Add to your repertoire' on the right. 

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How can I make my content available in the Drill Store?

A drill or course can be published free of charge or can be sold via the Drill Store. We call this publishing. If you would like to publish your drill/course free of charge, you can do so via your repertoire. Select the drill(s) or course(s) that you would like to publish in your repertoire by checking the checkbox in the upper right corner of the drill/course. 

Then click on 'Actions' at the top and select 'Make public'. 


You can only publish the drills or courses in which you are the author. If you are an individual user, you can publish drills/courses through the 'Creative Common' License. If you are a company, publisher, school or university, you can publish drills or courses via your own copyright logo.

Any user can publish drills/courses free of charge via a basic Drillster account. For selling, via the Drill Store, you need a premium or license account. 

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Can I try content before adding it to my repertoire?

Yess. When you are in the Drill Store you have to click on ‘Try out’. You can now use the drill or course in trial mode. Please note: in trial mode, only a small subset of available questions will be shown, and your progress is not saved. If you would like to really get started with the drill/course, be sure to add it to your repertoire.

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How can I tell the difficulty level of a drill or course?

The difficulty is reflected by the colored bar shown in the drill or course details. This information line (shown in grey) also shows the number of subscribers. How harder the drill/course, how redder the bar will be. 

When a few mistakes have been made in a drill, Drillster will rate the drill/course as easier. 

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Who is selling content in the Drill Store?

Drillster sells drills or courses in the Drill Store on behalf of its authors. The author can be an individual, company, school or publisher. You can also sell your own drills/courses in the Drill Store.

If you click on a drill or course, you can see who the author of the drill/course is. 

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Can I buy a drill or course?

Yes, any user can buy drills or courses from the Drill Store. 

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Can I sell my own content in the Drill Store?

Any user is able to publish drills or courses in the Drill Store as free content. In order to sell your content, a premium account or business or education license is required. Please contact us at sales@drillster.com for more information.

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How much do I make with selling my drills or courses?

For premium account holders a revenue share of 75% is applied to the author and 25% for Drillster.

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How do I pay for a drill or course?

You can pay for content by using PayPal. PayPal supports various payment options, including credit cards and direct debit. More payment options will be added in the future. 

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I would like to purchase a drill or course with PayPal, but I do not have a credit card. What to do?

For Netherlands-based customers, it is possible to open a PayPal account using iDeal. 

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Do my purchased drills or courses count towards the storage limit of my basic account?

No, content you have purchased do not count for your storage limit.

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Can I share purchased content with others?

No, you cannot share paid content with others.

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Can I edit a purchased drill or course?

No, purchased content cannot be changed. This allows the author of the content to guarantee high quality.

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Can I remove a purchased drill or course?

Yes, you can remove the content that you have purchased. Please note: the drill or course will be irreversibly removed from your repertoire. The purchase price will not be refunded, and if you decide to download that drill/course from the Drill Store again, another payment will have to be made.

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Can I print cheat sheets for drills or courses I have purchased?

Yes, just like with any other content it is possible to generate cheat sheets and view or print them.

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