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This is a list of questions about the repertoire.


What is a repertoire?

The repertoire is your personal repository of all the drills you are working with. These drills are the ones you made yourself and the drills you added from the Drill Store. Also, the drills added by your company, school or university are visible in your repertoire.

From your repertoire you can initiate all desired actions, like learning, making tests, add to a course, publication, etc. 



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How do I practice drills from my repertoire?

Go to ‘Repertoire’. Find the drill you would like to practice. Click on 'practice' to start the drill immediately. You can also click the drill's name. In that case, you will be presented with the details of the drill. Below the name of the drill is an blue button labeled ‘Start’.


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How do I add a drill to my repertoire?

If you have found a drill in the Drill Store that you would like to practice with, you can add it to your repertoire. Click on 'add' or, in case you have already clicked on the drills, on 'Add to repertoire'. If you already opened the drill to practice, you are in trial mode. Then you can click on '+ Add to repertoire' at the right. 

If the drill is not free of charge, you can click the button with the price. You will be asked to pay for the drill. Once this has been completed, the drill is added to your repertoire.

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Can I turn a drill into a test?

Yes, find the intended drill in your repertoire. Click on the blue three dots drop-down button right below the drill, these are the options.

Click 'Define a test'.


If you have a basic account, you can only define a test for yourself. If your company, school or university defined a test for you, you can find it at 'Tests'; an overview of all tests. When learning objectives are defined for your tests, you can find these on the drill information page (when you click on the name of the drill). 

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How do I remove a drill from my repertoire?

Find the drill to be removed from your repertoire. Click on the blue three dots drop-down button, and select the ‘Remove’ option. The drill will be removed from your repertoire.

Please note: the drill will be irreversibly removed from your repertoire. A purchased price will not be refunded, and if you decide to download that drill from the Drill Store again, another payment will have to be made.

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Does a storage limit apply to my account?

Only basic accounts have a storage limit, which is set at 500 lines. The number of drills that will fit into your repertoire is therefore dependent on the size of those drills. If you are browsing the Drill Store you can tell how many lines a drill has. This information is listed in grey just below a drill's description.

To find out how many lines you have already used, please go to ‘My profile’ (at the right top) and refer to ‘Storage usage’ to see how many lines you are using. Drills you have purchased or have received as a result of being a group member are not counted.

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