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Learning with Drillster

Learning with Drillster

This is a list of questions related to Drillster’s learning mechanism.


What does the percentage visible while practicing a drill represent?

The percentage reflects your proficiency in the learning content of this specific drill. It is just telling you about how well you master the specific drill, not about your progress. If you answer all questions correctly at least twice without interruption, then eventually you will attain a 100% proficiency. A drill is not the same as a test or assessment, so the proficiency does not tell you how many questions you have answered correctly or incorrectly.

In repeating questions, Drillster will look at how often you have been presented specific questions or their variants, which questions have been answered correctly or incorrectly and when you have last seen these specific questions. A proprietary algorithm, based on scientific research, drives the personalized learning path. 

Drillster calculates how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. So the proficiency will decrease if you have not practiced a drill for a period of time. By continuing to practice the drill, your score will automatically go up again.

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Can I change a drill's practice mode?

If the author of the drill has defined how a drill should be practiced (productive or receptive), you cannot change the practice mode.

If the author has not defined a specific practice mode, you are able to change it. Go to the drill you would like to practice and select ‘Practice’. In the right panel, there is a ‘Settings’ option. If the author has not fixed the settings, you can set various options. The question direction and style can be changed, and columns can be turned on or off. Introductions can be enabled or disabled as well.

When the drill is set on productive and receptive direction, you have to practice all these different variations before getting 100% proficiency. 

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Why is Drillster showing me a question with the correct answer visible?

This is called an 'introduction'. Since Drillster does not just test you but tries to teach you as well, it will introduce new items to you which you have not seen before. Please memorize the presented items. Soon, they will be presented in an open or multiple choice question. 

Showing introductions can be turned off, using the ‘Settings’ option to the right of the practice screen. If you turn off introductions, Drillster assumes the material is not new to you and expects you to know the answer even without the introductions.

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Can I enable or disable the introductions in a drill?

Yes, right next to the practice window there is an option ‘Settings‘. This opens a panel where introductions can be disabled. If the introductions cannot be disabled here, the drill's author has decided that introductions must be shown.

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Why is Drillster repeating questions?

By repeating questions, Drillster ensures you to remember more quickly and for a longer period of time. As you answer a question correctly, the chances of it coming back soon go down. Each question will be repeated at least two times. The intelligent algorithm calculates for each user which questions to repeat.  

If you do not want to repeat exactly the same question, you can work with question variants. A variant of a question repeats the same knowledge, reduces the predictability, and increases user engagement. 

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What are my options if I do not know the answer?

If you do not know an answer, there are two options. You can guess an answer, or select the ‘Reveal answer’ function, right next to the practice screen. In both cases, the correct answer will be shown.

For the proficiency calculation, it does not matter which action is taken, as in both cases Drillster will record the fact that you did not know the correct answer. 

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Do I have to finish a drill before being able to stop?

No, you can stop practicing at any time. Drillster will remember where you left off and keep track of your history. There is no need to close or save anything.

If you open the drill sometime later, Drillster will know where you left off. Your proficiency percentage may be a bit lower, as Drillster takes into account that some knowledge will be forgotten over time. By repeating the drill regularly you can ensure the knowledge stays top-of-mind. 

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What should I do once I've reached 100% proficiency?

A 100% proficiency indicates that you currently have full proficiency of the drill. You can stop practicing, or continue if you like. Because of the natural learning curve, some knowledge will be forgotten over time. If you return to the same drill after some time has passed, you will notice that your score may have dropped below 100%. By practicing the drill again you can get your score to go up to 100% again. The more often you come back, the more knowledge you retain.

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What is a cheat sheet?

A cheat sheet is an overview of the drill content in PDF format. You can save or print cheat sheets for your own reference. To create a cheat sheet, open the intended drill, click the three blue dots button and select the option to ‘Create cheat sheet’. The next screen allows you to tweak the output of your cheat sheet.

When you cannot create a cheat sheet, the drill's author has decided that this is not possible.

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Can I reset my proficiency for a drill to 0%?

Drillster is all about long-term knowledge retention. Drillster predicts how well you will remember learning material over time and what you are most likely to forget. Since you will almost never completely forget acquired knowledge, there is no option to reset your proficiency.

Should you still want to achieve this, you could try the following:

  • Drills you have created yourself can be duplicated. You will have zero proficiency for the copy. You could remove the original.
  • You could remove drills you have downloaded from the Drill Store from your repertoire, and download them again. Your proficiency will be back to 0%. Be careful: if you have paid for a particular drill, there will be no refund upon deletion and another payment is required to purchase it again.

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Can I set learning objectives for drills?

You can set learning objectives on drills if you have a premium or business account. A learning objective for a drill can be one-time or permanent. For a one-time learning objective, you require participants to realize a specific drill score before a target date. Drillster reports whether or not users have met the objective. 

For a permanent learning objective, learners have to realize a drill score prior to the target then and then maintain their drill score. By setting a minimum score level, users will be notified when their drill score has fallen below the minimum score. Users can be notified by e-mail or by app notifications. Users are invited to get back to the drill and brush up on their knowledge until their score reach the score of the learning objective again. 

For tests, you can set an objective to complete the test prior to a target date.

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