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This is a list of questions related to Drillster's mobile apps.

On which devices can I use the Drillster app?

The Drillster app is available for iOS and Android. This means that the app can be used on your iPhone, iPad and all tablets and smartphones running Android. For iOS is version 5 of the higher required for Android version 2.2 and higher.

Drillster has a native tablet version. The App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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Do I need a separate account for the Drillster app?

No, just use your existing account. This ensures that the right drills appear in your repertoire and you can resume on the mobile where you left the web-based application.

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How do I log in into my Drillster app?

You have 2 different options to do this:


Upon running the app for the first time, you are asked to enter your email address and password. Please enter the email address and Drillster password. This will give you access to your own repertoire.

If your organization has integrated Drillster in a learning portal, you will not yet have a password. If your Drillster user account has been created with your e-mail address, then click here to (re-)set your password.


If your Drillster user account has been created with a code or an e-mail address that you cannot access or that does not exist, then you can access your Drillster account on the mobile apps in the following way:

  • open a drill or test in the learning portal of your organization. When the drill or test has been opened, you see in the left corner a hamburger menu (3 stripes). Click on that menu.Drill_details_Drills_app_connectie__Drillster.png
  • You will see that Drillster shows you the option to connect your account to the Drillster mobile app.
  • Drillster will now generate a connection codeDrill_details_generate_connection_code__Drillster.png
  • Download the Drillster app via the AppStore or Google Play. This is free of charge. 
  • If you open the app, you see the login screen "log in with a connection code".
  • You now see the login screen where you can enter the connection code. 
  • Your Drillster account is now connected to your mobile device. If you would like to connect the account to a second or third mobile device, you can do so by re-issuing a new connection code for each new mobile device. 
  • The login procedure has to be done only once, each time you have logged into your mobile phone or tablet, you will be able to immediately access your drills. For iOS devices, there is an option under the general 'settings' of your iOS device where you can switch the option on or off to remain logged into your Drillster account. 

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If I change my password, should I do the same on the Drillster app?

No. By logging in once, you have authorized the device to use your personal Drillster account. Even when you change your password, that authorization remains valid and there is no need to log in again on the app.

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Which drills are listed in the Drillster app?

The Drillster app displays all the drills that you have in your repertoire. These are the drills that you have created, the drills you added from the Drill Store or added by your company, educational institution or school to your repertoire

The Drillster app shows the same drills in your repertoire as on the web. If you add drills to your repertoire on the web, these will automatically appear in your app as well.


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How do I practice a drill in the Drillster app?

If you open the Drillster app, you will see all the drills in your repertoire. Select the drill you would like to practice. You can change practice settings if allowed by the drill's author. Press 'practice' to start practicing.

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Can I combine drills in the Drillster app?

When using Drillster via www.drillster.com, you can select several drills and practice them as one. Your proficiency of the individual drills will be converted to a weighted proficiency for the combined drills. 

When you open the Drillster app on your mobile device, you will see the drills. By clicking on the icon of the drill, you can select several drills to combine them and practice them as one drill. 

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Can I search for a new drill in the Drill Store using the Drillster app?

No. Access to the Drill Store is not yet supported. Only drills in your repertoire are accessible. Drills can be added to the repertoire from the Drillster website, which will immediately be reflected in the app as well.

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Can I create a new drill in the Drillster app?

No, drill creation is not supported in the app. You can create new drills through the Drillster website, which will immediately become available in the app as well.

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I am using the Drillster browser app for Chrome. Why are there no drills in my repertoire?

This can happen if you are signed in into Chrome with a different email address than the address registered with Drillster. You can sign out of Chrome and sign in with the email address known by Drillster.

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Can Drillster create a bespoke app for my school or company?

Drillster is a standard app. We cannot create a custom version of the Drillster iOS or Android app for you. However, when you use drill icons and drill covers, the app will get the look & feel of your company or school. Drillster has an extensive API, so if you have an existing app or if you would like to build a new app, you can do so, using our technology. Please contact us at +31 88 375 05 00 or support@drillster.com to discuss the technical requirements and commercial conditions.

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I received a notification from the Drillster app. How is that possible?

If you are registered for a course or training of your business or school, you may find that you receive mobile notifications. This happens if you are registered on a training or course, or if you are unsubscribed. Even when objectives are set, or testing for you are ready, you can receive notifications. Finally, you can receive notifications if you have not yet achieved the learning objectives or your score is too low.

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