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Creating drills with audio and video

Creating drills with audio and video

This is a list of questions related to the use of audio and video in drills.


Can I use audio or video content in a drill?

Yes, you can. Select the line to which you would like to add an image, audio or video file. Select ‘media’ as the file type and then select the file. The file will now be uploaded. 

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Can I add audio or video content to a drill if the drill largely consists of text?

Yes, you can combine as much text, audio or video as you like. When you want to add a new question with an image, audio or video in your drill, you have to click on the blue '+-sign'. You first have to upload your image, audio or video (maximum 100MB a question) and then you can add the text or question. 



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What file formats are accepted by Drillster?

For images, most current file formats are supported such as .png, .jpeg. The ideal size for images is: 

Icon 512x512
Cover 1280x720 (16:9)
Images in a drill  960x640 (3:2, max 16MB)

Images in a story 16:9 with a maximum of 1280x720 pixels. (max 16MB)

If the image is larger than the actual text column size, then the image width will automatically be resized to match the column width. 

If the actual size of an image is less than the text column width, the image will be displayed in a smaller size. Users can always click on the image to zoom. 


For audio fragments, you can add all common formats such as AIFF, WAVE (WAV), FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA files.


A video can be uploaded in MPEG, MP4 and most other common video formats. Windows Media is not supported. To ensure a good video performance, even on mobile devices, we advise you to reduce video files to 854 x 480 pixels and save it as 'medium quality'. Your videos will then be optimized for all devices and browsers.

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Can Drillster convert my questions or answers to speech?

Yes. Select 'speech' before submitting the inputted text. The name of the language that will be used to pronounce the text is displayed. Click on the language to pick another language or voice. Submitting the text will start the text-to-speech conversion. This option is not available to basic account holders.



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What languages are available for Drillster's text-to-speech functionality?

The text-to-speech functionality is available in the following languages:

English (UK)
English (US)

With the exception of Flemish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, both a female and male voice is available for each language. In Flemish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian only a female voice is provided.

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Can Drillster convert math problems to speech?

It is possible to have Drillster pronounce math problems. If for example you input '2 + 2 = 4' in the drill editor, and select to convert this to speech, Drillster will do this correctly. Keep in mind that a premium account or license is needed in order to convert text to speech. MathML equations cannot be converted to speech.

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