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This is a list of questions related to the management of groups.


What is a group?

A group is a collection of users doing the same drills, course or training. Bringing together individual users in a group makes it easier to distribute drills, set learning objectives and track their progress.

Users can be members of multiple groups at the same time. The same drills may be added to different groups.

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How do I create a group?

Creating a group requires a business or education license, or a premium account.

Go to 'Groups' and click on the orange '+' button to create a new group. See also our special page about groups.

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How can my account be added to a group?

The group's administrator can add your account to the group. Please see the administrator responsible for the group in Drillster at your school or company.

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Can I be a member of multiple groups?

Yes, there are no limitations in the number of groups that you can be a member of.

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Do drills I've received as part of group membership count for my storage limit?

No, the drills you have received in your repertoire as a result of being a member of a group do not count towards your storage limit.

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Can I leave a group?

Yes, you cannot be forced to be member of a group. Leaving a group does mean that you will no longer have access to the drills that come with that group. Please contact the Drillster administrator at your company or school to leave a group.

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Can a group's administrator close the group?

Yes, the group's administrator can close the group. If a group still has active members then these users will lose access to the drills.

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I already have an account. Do I need a new account in order to join a group?

No, if you receive an invitation to join a group, you have a choice. You can use your existing account, or open a new account and use that for the group membership. We recommend using your existing account.

The group's administrator does not have any access to your drills outside of the group. Drills received as a result of being a group member do not count towards your account's storage limit. A single account can easily be utilized for both private usage and school or business use.

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How do I invite users to join my group?

To invite users to become a member of a group, click on 'Groups'. Click on the group for which members are to be added. Drillster will now show the drills that are part of the group. Click the 'members' tab. Drillster shows a list of current or invited group members. On the right side of the page is an orange '+' button. Click this button to add a new member. Fill in the email address of the new group member and press enter. If a Drillster account already exists for that user, Drillster will add the user and send out a notification. Depending on the settings of the license account, there are two scenarios. The group member can be silently added to the group, or the member receives an email asking for permission to be added to the group.

If the new group member does not yet have a Drillster account, there again are two scenarios, depending on the settings of the license account. Drillster can either automatically create an account for the new group member or the new member can be invited. In the first case, the new member will receive an explanatory email with a link to set a password. In the second case, the new member is invited to open an account and then accept the invitation.

If there is a need to set up large groups of users, this can also be taken care of by Drillster Support. You can email us an Excel spreadsheet with the email addresses, first and last name and the group(s) to add the user to. Please email your request to support@drillster.com.

A license account has no limit as to how many members can be added to groups. A premium account has a limit of 10 group members. There are special plans for premium accounts with limits of up to 50 group members. Please contact us at support@drillster.com for details.

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Can I set learning objectives for my group?

Learning objectives can be set at a group level. Please see our special page on setting learning objectives.

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Can I set email reminders for my group members?

Yes, it is possible to configure email reminders for your group members. At the time the objective is configured, Drillster gives you the option to enable a 'welcome' notification, and both a primary and secondary reminder email. If an individual group member does not realize the objective in time, Drillster will send him or her a reminder email.

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Can I track the progress of my group's members?

Yes, as an administrator of the group you are able to track the progress of each member. Also, you are able to see the statistics on the average performance of the group.

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What means the header 'subscriptions'?

Under the header 'subscriptions' you can see what groups you are placed by your employer, school or by yourself. Here everything is neatly sorted by groups.

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