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Drillster has improved the management of test definitions. Tests and exams that have been defined are now grouped in a new ‘My test definitions’ section. Tests and exams can be managed in this library of test definitions.
The improved test management function increases the efficiency when managing tests for multiple groups within an organization or school. In line with the management of drills, our adaptive learning exercises, premium and business users can view and manage their test definitions in the ‘My test definitions’ section. 
Consequently, the following functions can be launched: 
  • Modify the settings of a test definition.
  • Remove a test definition.
  • View the aggregated test results. If a test definition has been assigned to multiple groups, the aggregated test results for all groups can be viewed and downloaded in the ‘My test definition’ section. Results of a separate group can still be viewed and downloaded via the ‘My groups’ function.
  • Assigned to one or several groups.
  • Define co-authors.
  • Start the test. The author is able to ‘test’ the test that has been defined.
  • Set up a test as an anonymous or PIN secured test (for tests whereby no Drillster account is required for the testee). 
  • Generate a SCORM package for tests that are not part of a group. SCORM packages for group tests can still be generated within the group in which the test definition has been placed. 
Test definitions can easily be placed in various groups and can even be published in the drill store. When assigning a test to a group, group specific settings can be defined. Examples of group specific settings include the target completion date or the number of attempts that an end user has to complete the test. 
Drillster supports various test types, including diagnostic tests, adaptive tests, static tests and PIN secured exams. Detailed group and individual reporting is available. 
All Drillster users can take tests. A premium account or license is needed to assign these tests to individual users or a group of users and to access reporting. Visit our website or contact us for more information. 
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