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New Moodle plug-in

OpenEdu has developed a new Drillster plug-in for the Moodle learning platform. Drill scores are now displayed in Moodle. Within Moodle, trainers can search their Drillster repertoire as well as the drill store. Drills can easily be added as learning items to a Moodle course. 
OpenEdu makes online learning accessible to companies and educational institutions. It has created a learning management system based on Moodle, enriched with an e-portfolio, virtual classrooms and a Google Apps integration. OpenEdu has enhanced the Moodle plug-in with various features. Besides the embedding of adaptive drills and tests in Moodle and the single sign-on functionality, users can now review their Drillster score in Moodle.
For searching drills and tests in the drill store or the Drillster repertoire, trainers no longer need to leave the Moodle platform. A search function within Moodle enables Drillster users to search for their drills in their reperoire or the drill store and to insert drills as a learning object in a Moodle course. Detailed search results are shown with a thumbnail view. 
The Moodle plug-in can be downloaded free of charge by organizations. More information can be found on theDrillster information page for Moodle.  
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