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Google partners with Drillster for the launch of the .HOW top level domain

Google launches the .HOW top level domain, a place for thinkers, tinkerers and knowledge seekers. .HOW websites will  typically provide information on how things work or how things can be done. Drillster was selected by Google to take part in the launch of the new .HOW domain. Learning.HOW, developed by Drillster, is the site where you can learn how to learn more efficiently. It perfectly illustrates the aim of the new .how domains. 
People use the Internet to learn how things work, how things can be done or how to turn a hobby into a business. They find their answers in great content, created by great experts. Google now launched the .HOW domain where experts from all over the world can share their passion. Drillster is among the 12 companies from all over the world that were invited to support Google in this launch. 
Learning.HOW shares useful information and experiences on how we can learn more effectively in the 21st century. All day long we are exposed to an overdose of information. We keep up several e-mail and instant messages at the same time while watching television or studying. We think we can multitask, but instead our brain slows down as it has difficulties changing from one stream of information to another. 
So we have to learn how to learn again. Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder of Drillster explains: “At Drillster we are passionate about learning and Learning.HOW is the ideal place to share this passion with both learners and learning experts. Our users have great experience in efficient learning and a .HOW site is the ideal place to share our stories with the world.” 
How can you anchor and maintain knowledge? How can you engage participants in a training program? How can you measure and increase the ROI on your training program? Visit Learning.HOW to learn more about efficient learning. 
Interested in having a .HOW site yourself? Visit get.how, register your .how site and share your passion with the world. Do you have a story on learning that you would like to share? Contact us at info@drillster.com and we will share it via Learning.HOW

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