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Drillster available in Van Dijk's reader app

Van Dijk Educatie has connected its intuitive reader app to Drillster. Adaptive learning exercises can now form an integral part of the digital text books. 
Each chapter or paragraph can contain a link to a 'drill', an adaptive learning exercise or test. The link brings the student to the exercise. When the exercise has been finished, the student can immediately continu in the text book. 

Drillster supports personallized learning and adapts the order and frequency of the learning elements to the real learning needs of the individual student. Research in 2013 showed that this leads to 10% higher test results in 40% less study time. Drillster can be used via the web and via the readerapp. 
Van Dijk's readerapp helps publishers to digitalize their learning material. Text books, note books and sources on the internet can easily be combined. Students can mark parts of the text, make summaries and take notes that enhance the learning process. The integration with Drillster provides publishers of digital schoolbooks an important pedagogical tool. 
Would you like to receive more information on the readerapp? Please contact Van Dijk Educatie via support4learning@vandijk.nl or call +31 6 2000 72 50.
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