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Gamification: gaming or learning?

Irrespective of age, education, and background, game playing is a universal phenomenon, and on-line gaming has given it a fresh boost. In light of this popularity, companies are showing serious interest in the question of gaming, especially in the training sphere. Gamification is becoming a full-fledged component of training initiatives.
Gamification consists of using elements and techniques borrowed from games in areas where they were not originally present. Applied to the corporate world, the game itself is not the main objective but represents a way of getting people to adopt and use the applications it is linked to. Using the mechanisms of play, gamification can help us to motivate staff and fully engage them in their training programs.
Drillster uses various game elements in its application, for example the real-time proficiency gauge, the leaderboards, and learning objectives (levels) and progress loops. Various customer cases show that the gaming mechanisms that are embedded in Drillster lead to increased learning engagement.
Drillster has contributed its expertise and experience in a gamification guide that our partner CrossKnowledge will issue next week. The guide about 10 Steps to Successfully Gamining your Learning Program’  will explain what crucial steps can be taken to successfully gamify a training program. 
On the 18th of September, Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO of Drillster, will present a webinar on gamification. Participants can attend a French session (14:00 – 15:00 CET) or English session (16:00 – 17:00 CET). 
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