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Language Partners selects Drillster for adaptive tests

Language Partners offers language training in 52 languages to businesses and governmental organizations. Language Partners need to be able to measure the exact level at which the student masters a specific language, in order to be able to offer a student a language course at the most appropriate entrance level. Language Partners selected the adaptive testing technology of Drillster to measure the language skills of a student in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The European Framework of References for Languages sets an objective standard for language skills. Five levels ensure that an objective indication can be given on the level at which someone masters a specific language. This information is important to Language Partners as it ensures that students start a language training at the right entry level. The information that is gained during the entrance test ensures that the right training program is compiled. The right language training ensures that maximum progress can be gained in a short period of time.

Drillster offers an online and mobile learning tool that leads to easier learning and better retention. Regular repetition of learning material anchors the knowledge on any study topic. This applies to many elements of a language like vocabulary, listening skills and grammar. The smart and adaptive learning mechanism of Drillster ensures that people learn more in less time and memorize the learnt material much longer.

Before students start a language training with Language Partner, they make an entrance test. Language Partners uses the Drillster platform to take these tests. The test is adaptive and selects sets of questions based on the answers given by the student. So during the test, Drillster can present questions from a higher or lower reference level with the aim to determine the actual level at which the student currently masters the language.

The result of the test determines the entrance level at which the student will start a language course. The information of the test results also provide important information to the teachers who can focus on the weak elements of the specific student. This optimizes the return on investment on the specific language course.

For more information on Language Partners:  www.languagepartners.nl, telephone 0900 – 1234565.


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