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Defining tests

Everyone with a Drillster account can create a test. Though a premium account or license is needed to share test definitions and to view results.

A test in Drillster is the form of evaluation in which a participant gets tested before a set review date and with the possibility to test within a time limit. The content of a test will be composed of the content of existing drills.

Define a test

  • Go to ' My test definitions'
  • Click the orange '+' symbol to add a test
  • Follow the instructions (3 steps: General, Questions, Summary).
  • Click the orange button 'Create'.

The test you have created will appear under 'My test definitions'. From here you can easily manage your tests and exams. e.g. add tests to a group.


Step 1. General

  • Test name: Give your test an applicable name
  • Drills: Select the drill(s) you want to add to your test
  • Instructions (optional): These instructions will be displayed to the user prior to the test.
  • Show advanced options:
    • Direction: When there are no restrictions set in the drill, you can apply if the test is productive, receptive or both.
    • Style: Set the question style to multiple choice or open ended (only available if not restricted by the drill)
  • Time limit: Set how much time a participant has to complete the test (hours, or minutes).
  • Unanswered questions: If switched on, participants are not required to provide all answers in order to complete the test (which means they can skip answering some questions and still complete the test).
  • Result disclosure: Switch on which results you want to share with a participant at the end of each test.

Step 2. Questions

  • Question distribution: Default setting is 'Automatic'. If set on manual, you can adjust this setting with help of the line tags from your drill.
  • Drill weight: Set the weight of the drill. Default setting is 'Automatic'.
  • Total number of questions: When more drills are added to a test, the total number of questions can be too much. You can set the number of questions to a maximum in order to give the test the right length.
  • Question navigation: Switch on if you allow the user to see and answer the questions in any order.

Step 3. Summary

  • The summary of all settings you have set for this test.
  • Click on 'Create'.
  • You will find your test in the overview screen of 'My test definitions'. With the 3 points menu button, you can manage your test (e.g. add to a group).
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