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Reporting for tests

Viewing the results of your tests can be done in different ways, a quick overview via the dashboard function, or in more detail on screen, where you can also download the results of your test.



Use the dashboard function in Drillster to get a quick overview. Find an overview of the number of users, groups, drills and tests.

Select a group, drill or test (or a combination) with the drop down menus (▽) in the detail section to get insights of the proficiency score or test results, and the participation level of your users. These charts are downloadable (≡) e.g. you can add these in a presentation.


On screen & Download reports

You can find the results per user on screen and also download a report (as a .csv file).

  • Go to 'My test definitions'
  • Select the test you want to see the results of.
  • Go to the tab 'Results'
  • Click the 'refresh' symbol to find out the latest results.
  • Click the 'download' symbol. Your results will be downloaded in a .csv file.


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