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What part of the training has made it to your long term memory?

Drillster continues to innovate and introduces the eventual proficiency. The eventual proficiency represents the percentage of a training that has made it to the long-term memory of an individual learner.
Every time a learner learns via Drillster, he or she adds knowledge to the long-term memory. Drillster calculates for each drill what the minimum knowledge level will be if the learner stops maintaining knowledge today.

The eventual proficiency shows how efficient a student has learnt and the score makes it possible to compare the learning efficiency between students. The eventual proficiency is part of Drillster's predictive analytics. 
Group administrators have access to reporting on the current proficiency, highest attained proficiency and the time spent per drill. Reporting on the eventual proficiency is now added to the reporting catalogue.
The eventual proficiency score is expressed by two figures: the current proficiency and the eventual proficiency, whereby the eventual proficiency is the minimum sustainable knowledge that is anchored if the learner stops maintaining that knowledge today. 
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