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Drillster innovates location-based learning with iBeacons

Would you like to train or test people at a place where specific knowledge is relevent for them? Drillster innovates its iOS app by adding location-based learning capabilities using iBeacons. Whenever a user enters a predefined area of an iBeacon, a specific drill or test is pushed to his smart phone or tablet. 

iBeacons are small, low cost and low power devices that communicate with a mobile device if the device comes in the precise reach of an iBeacon. Drillster enables you to push drills or tests to a user’s smartphone or tablet whenever the user enters the predefined area of an iBeacon. 

Nearby drills
There are many situations where the location dictates the necessity for specific knowledge or awareness. Location-based learning enables users to learn or test wherever this is relevant. Is safety awareness important if your employees regularly work in the area of a specific machine, elevator or building?
Or is specific product information important if employees work in a specific part of a store? Or would you like to distribute challenging learning exercises or tets to students in a classroom? These are just some examples of situations where location based learning can add value.
iBeacons use Bluetooth to transmit a unique identifier that is picked up by the Drillster app. The user receives a notification on his smart phone or tablet and can immediately start the drill or test.
How does the Drillster iBeacon service work? 
The iBeacon service is easy to implement. A drill or test has to be linked to an iBeacon. You can purchase your own iBeacons or buy them pre-configured from Drillster. An iBeacon can easily be attached to any wall, door, machine or device. Make sure that your employees or students download the Drillster iOS app on their smartphone or tablet and you are ready to go. At short notice, Android users will also be able to use Drillster's iBeacon solution. 
Configuration or modification of iBeacons and drills can be done in the Drillster backoffice. Progress and results can easily be monitored through the Drillster dashboard. Easy learning, better retention. Where and whenever relevant. 
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