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Belgian iPad school realizes 13% higher scores with Drillster

Belgian iPad school Sint-Jozef Sint Pieter in Blankenberge realized 13% higher study results since the introduction of Drillster. The Sint-Jozef Sint-Pieter School was the first Belgian school to introduce 100% digital education in 2012. All school books are used digital on an iPad and the school has been using Drillster since the start of its digital revolution in 2012.

Lifelong education, learning inside and outside of the school and learning to learn are part of the vision of Sint-Jozef Sint Pieter. The Drillster learning method suits this vision and that's why the school has implemented Drillster for the anchoring of knowledge for their primary and secondary education. Flip the classroom is implemented. Students prepare their classroom training with Drillster. Tests are being taken and adaptive learning exercises ensure that each student gets a personalized approach when learning. 

Recently, the Sint-Jozef Sint-Pieter school compared study results that it realized on themes that had been trained with Drillster. A 13% increase in study results has been measured. Dirk Degraeve teaches Dutch and History at the Sint-Jozef Sint-Pieter schools and confirms that results have gone up since Drillster is used inside and outside of the classroom. 


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