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BOOM publishes DISK learning material in the Drill Store

DISK is the new learning method Dutch for non-Dutch speakers in international classes in the Netherlands. Publishing company Boom has publishes DISK exercises in the Drill Store, enabling their customers to expand knowledge of the Dutch language in a smart and engaging way. 
Various exercises have been published via Drillster. The vocabulary exercises are presented in 20 interesting themes and 3 difficulty levels (A1, A2 and B1). Besides the explanation of the Dutch words, students learn to use the target words in the right context. Teachers and students can download the DISK lessons free of charge in the Drill Store. 
Drillster is an adaptive online memorization tool that continuously measures what students master and what they do not yet master. The tool automatically focusses on the elements of the learning material that are not yet fully mastered. This leads to easier learning and better retention. 
Teachers that would like to monitor the progress of their students, can upgrade their free account to a Premium Account. The Premium Account enables teachers to monitor progress, set learning objectives for the students and to define tests. The Premium Account also enables teachers to convert text into speech (various languages). For the DISK exercises, words and phrases can be converted into speech, thus enhancing the learning experience for the students. 
Take a look at the DISK exercises in the Drill Store. 
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