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Drillster App in the Edmodo Store

More than 44 million teachers, students and their parents use Edmodo to create, share and use learning material. The Drillster app is now also available in the Edmodo Store

Teachers can purchase a Drillster premium account and immediately create user accounts for all students in their groups. The teacher can download ready-to-use exercises in the Drill Store and assign them to their students. The progress of the students can be monitored, learning objectives can be set and (adaptive) tests can be defined. 

Teachers and students can also create their own adaptive learning exercises with Drillster. These so called drills can be shared with the students or with other teachers and can also be published or sold in the Drill Store.  
Edmodo users could already create a free Drillster account using their Edmodo account. This remains unchanged. The Drillster app in the Edmodo Store enables teachers to use Drillster in the classroom and to distribute drills in their group of students. 
Please contact Drillster for more information on the Drillster adaptive learning and testing tool.

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