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Innovative ways of training have impact on knowledge of staff in the health sector

The health sector is changing. Knowledge and skills of employees in the health sector have been regulated by law. Medical treatments have to be given according to strict protocols and the authorities check whether qualified staff is compliant with the prescribed procedures regulations. Knowledge and skills become key performance indicators. How can care centers ensure that knowledge is anchored while motivating their staff and satisfying the authorities? 

The permanent education of medical staff is becoming more important while budgets are under pressure and staff have less time to spend on activities other than the actual medical care. The sector needs innovative ways of training. Adaptive learning is a potential solution.

The quality of the Dutch medical care is regulated by law Professionals need to be registered in the BIG-register and the procedures that they are qualified for can only be applied when respecting strict protocols. These are called the prescribed procedures.

Competence of medical professionals is the key word in the regulations on prescribed procedures. Professionals should have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to perform their job. Knowledge is developed in the initial or follow-up training. But how can health institutes ensure that their staff always have the right knowledge on the prescribed procedures, even when they do not frequently perform specific procedures? We all know that knowledge declines if it is not maintained.

Healthcare is changing. There is a clear tendency that care is provided decentralized, at the house of the patient. As a result, the supervision on the correct performance of the medical protocols, becomes more difficult. Time is also a limiting factor. As a consequence of cost cuttings, staff have only limited time to spend with their patients. Scheduling staff free from their regular jobs and scheduling them in a face-to-face training has immediately impact on the quality of the actual care that can be given to the patients.

Challenges for both the healthcare sector and the training industry. Drillster provides an innovative learning solution that provides a solid answers to the challenges of both the healthcare and the training sector. Since its start in 2011 Drillster offers an adaptive learning tool that enables personalized learning. The service is based on scientific research on how people memorize and forget information.  

Drillster measures knowledge at all times. Effective, time and place independent learning saves time and money. Gamification increases the personnel engagement. 
Adaptive learning touches the key tendances in the health sector. Curious about the specific advantages that personalized training can bring your organization? We are happy to discuss it with you. 


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