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Learning Latin the easy way with SPQR and Drillster

SPQR is the new learning method that has been developed by educational publisher Staal & Roeland for the Dutch market. Schools can use the text and work books and can also select the  Internet and tablet version. Staal & Roeland selected Drillster for practising the latin lessons and for the diagnostic tests. 

SPQR is a new method for Latin Language and Culture and is compliant with the new LTC exam program in the Netherlands. The relation between the language and the culture (text in context) has a central place in the LTC exam program. Schools can use text books or the fully digital tablet version. Publisher Staal & Roeland meets the increasing demand for digital educational material. 
In the digital SPQR version, both teachers and students can use the text and work books on their tablet. They can take notes and share their notes with other students. Adaptive learning exercises and diagnostic tests can be made with Drillster. Each chapter offers a series of drills (personalized exercises) for grammar and vocabulary. Drillster supports personalized learning and focusses automatically on the elements of the chapter that are not yet fully mastered by the student. 
Drillster enables to efficiently built up knowledge. It also enables the students to maintain their knowledge of the Latin language and culture. Drillster calculates when and how knowledge declines if it is not maintained. Both teachers and pupils have a real-time overview of the progress that has been made. Students are always well prepared for their tests and exams. 
Drilster has been integrated in the SPQR method: students and teachers are automatically logged into their Drillster account. Besides the use within the SPQP tablet version, users can chose to study via the Drilster mobile App. Regardless of the way in which drills are accessed and practised, Drillster always remembers for each individual user where to resume the drill or test. 
Teachers have the possibility to contract a premium account. This allows them to monitor the progress of their students. They can see what their students have completed, how much time they spent on the various exercises and what the actual proficiency is. The premium account also enables teachers to set learning objectives and define tests for their groups. 
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