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Easy international knowledge management implementation

International operating companies are often faced with a serious challenge when it comes to using educational technology that can be applied on an international scale. E-Learning services are either limited in language support, show poor performance overseas or are restricted in local support. Drillster enables international corporations to easily use the tool in various countries.

Interactive exercises and adaptive tests can easily be embedded in existing learning platforms and third party sites using the Drillster widget. This widget offers all functionality that a user needs to develop and retain knowledge and awareness.

The content in the widget supports all languages and language characters, including languages like Chinese, Arab, Japanese, Cyrillic or Hebrew. The instructions in the widget are currently available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch). More languages can easily be added upon request.

The use of Drillster as a  stand-alone learning platform and the use of the iOS and Android Apps make international roll-out quick and easy. No integration is needed for this cloud learning service. Drillster also supports customized learning pages whereby pages are localized to the look and feel and the language of local offices.

Is your company operating in various countries and are you requiring an interactive learning or testing tool?Contact us for more information.

implementation of international knowledge management

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