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Meet us 1-2 November at the EATS 2016 in Berlin

Drillster will be present at the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) that will be held on the 1st and 2nd of November in Berlin. Let's talk about innovative learning solutions for initial and recurrent airline training pograms.

EATS (European Airline Training Symposium) is an annual conference and tradeshow specialising in aviation training and simulation. The event brings together the industry’s leading professionals to promote safety and share best practice in pilot and cabin crew training.

Increased productivity, cost savings and more demanding regulators and customers are familiar themes in the airline industry. More than in any other industry, aviation staff require accurate, up-to-date and top-of-mind knowledge on crucial topics like flight safety. Not only at the moment of a training or test, but year-round.

Adaptive learning has proven to be of great economic, financial and human value for all type of airline training programs, both for cabin attendants, pilots, ground services, engineering & maintenance as well as for air cargo or contact center staff. Many training themes know a regular exam. Rather than having a knowledge peak around the moment of the exam, Drillster ensures that employees are year-round compliant on important knowledge and awareness. 

Typical training themes for cabin attendants include flight safety normal and abnormal procedures, medical training, equipment and dangerous goods. 

Typical training for pilots include the aircraft specific recurrent training programs, covering elements like air systems, ice and rain protection, automatic flight, flight controls, flight management, navigation etc. This of course for all aircarft types that a specific carrier is operating. 

Typical training themes for ground services include de-icing, pushback procedures, fueling and towing procedures, etc. 

We invite visitors of the EATS 2016 to visit our booth for a demo and a cup of coffee.

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