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We proudly present: the new Drillster web application

Have you already seen the new Drillster website? Log into your Drillster account and discover the new look & feel. The new application splits up the Learn, Teach and Manage functions and offers a personal dashboard for learners and an organization dashboard for reporting and learning analytics of organizations.


A personal dashboard shows and overview of your drills, tests, learning objectives and notifications. It gives easy access to your pending assignments or the drills that you are currently working on.  All drills that you organization has given you access to, that you have created yourself or that you have downloaded in the drill store, are now grouped in the LEARN section of our web application. 

One click shows you an overview of all functions that are available for specific drills? In case you cannot use certain functions, then it may be due to the limitations of your account. If you have a free Drillster acccount, you can upgrade your Drillster account to a Premium account and benefit from more smart learning and testing features. 


The Teach section allows instructional designers to create and modify drills, courses and tests. All content related functions are easily available. Learning objectives can be set and tests can be defined if you have a premium account or business license. 


Premium account and business license users can assign drills, tests and participants to groups and set learning objectives.A dashboard offers a rich source of management information on the progress of a group or an individual participant. 

Administrators and group managers can see the progress of their teams. What percentage of my team reached the learning objective, how much time did they spent on a drill, what the average highest obtained and actual proficiency of the team is. 





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